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SCWCD Notes – Security

Type of Bad guys (for whome securiy is needed) - Full story

Avaya Certification Program

Cheating and misconduct are not tolerated in the Avaya Professional Certification Program. Full story

Red Hat Linux Trumps Microsoft Windows In Power Test

Red Hat Linux Trumps Microsoft Windows In Power Test Full story

Microsoft: Very Good Results in Updating Vista Against Hacks

Microsoft claims that it has seen what the company referred to as very good results in fighting Windows piracy with Windows Vista, although it has failed to elaborate on the subject. At the Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting 2008, Bill Veghte, Senior Vice President, Online Services & Windows Business Group, indicated that the anti-piracy mitigations built in Windows Vista by default helped curb the piracy affecting the operating system. Additionally, with the release of Service Pack 1, the Redmond giant tackled the most widespread workarounds designed to permit the pirating of Vista RTM. "We put a set of technologies in Windows Vista that fundamentally made it harder to pirate, number one, and number two, we have the ability in Windows Vista to update the product based on piracy types that we're seeing in the market," Veghte said last week. "So, for example, over the last 12 months, there are three leading piracy types, three leading ways that people are pirating Windows Vista, getting around the things that we've done, and we've updated millions of systems globally to address that leak or that hole." Full story

Passguide mcicrosoft Mcdba 70-441 Exam

free latest passguide Microsoft: 70-441 Exam dump Full story

Passguide Microsoft Mcdba 70-431 Exam

passguide Microsoft: 70-431 Exam Full story

Passguide mcse mcdba 70-293 Exam

passguide Microsoft: 70-293 Exam Full story

Passguide Microsoft Mcdba certification training Exam

passguide Obtain all of our Questions and answers, all of our study guides, and all of our labs for the Microsoft MCDBA Certification. Full story

Passguide mcse mcdba 70-290 exam

passguide Managing adn maintaining a microsoft windows server 2003 environment Full story

Passguide microsoft Mcdba mcse 70-291 Exam

passguide Microsoft: 70-291 Exam Questions & Answers 70-291 - Questions & Answers Interactive Testing Engine Included! 9. You are the network administrator for your company. The network consists of a single Active Directory domain. All servers run Windows Server 2003. All client computers run Windows XP Professional. Two of the servers on the network contain highly confidential documents. The company's written security policy states that all network connections with ... Full story
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