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You are installing Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) on a standalone server. Wh
statement regarding passwords associated with CCMA running on a Windows Server 2008 ope
system is true?

A. The iceAdmin user account can be deleted during the CCMA installation
B. The iceAdmin user account password must be established during installation of CCMA
C. If the iceAdmin password is changed, CCMA cannot be logged on to either as webadmin of a
other user
D. If the default webadmin password is changed, CCMA cannot be logged on to either as iceAd
as any other user

Answer: B
ou have completed the stand-alone installation of Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA)
software on a fully prepared Platform Vendor Independent (PVI) server The CCMA cannot establish a
connection to the Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) What is one of the first steps to
troubleshoot the problem?

A. Reinstall CCMA
B. Ensure that the correct sys-admin password is being used
C. Change the IP multicast sending address on the CCMS server
D. Ensure that the CCMS and CCMA servers have been added to a domain

Answer: B
In an Avaya Aura™ Contact Center, what does enabling Open do?

A. It permits agents to utilize the Avaya OpenQueue© Desktop for agent skills that have age
logged in with the correct training and knowledge sets to handle calls
B. It allows third parties including Contact Center MultiMedia (CCMM) to create, read, and d
multimedia and voice contacts in Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS)
C. It gives agents and Call Center supervisors the ability to manage multiple simultaneous co
types such as voice, outbound voice, email, chat, IM and voicemail
D. It provides extended call queuring functionality for the Avaya Aura™ Contact Center by
implementing the same functionality as the Automatic Call Distribution Queue including use
features like visualization

Answer: B

After completing the in installation of the Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS), you want to
display the installation log. What is the path to this log?

A. D:\Avaya\Logs\PV
B. C:\Logs\CCMS
C. C:\Avaya\Logs\Sysops
D. D:\Log\CMS

Answer: C
Which pre-installation preparations must be completed on a Platform Vendor Independent (PVI)
server before installing Avaya Aura™ Contact Center server applications?

A. Enable IPV6 . Ensure SNMP is disabled. Enable NetBIOS. The ELAN card must be first in the bindi
B. Enable IPV6. Ensure SNMP is enabled. Enable NetBIOS. The Contact Center Subnet (CLAN) card
must the first in the binding order
C. Disable IPV6. Ensure SNMP is enabled. Disable NetBIOS. The Contact Center Subnet (CLAN) card
must be first in the binding order
D. Disable IPV6. Ensure SNMP is enabled .Disable NetBIOS .The ELAN card must be first in the
binding order

Answer: C
You are preparing a Windows 2008 Server for Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) and Server
Utility installation Which operation on the server can the Server Utility perform ?

A. Perform event preferences
B. Perform database restores
C. Administer Contact Center Agent login credentials
D. Modify Real-Time Display interface parameters

Answer: A

You are installing a standalone Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) The Application will be
installed on a Windows Server 2008 operating system. As a part of the Windows Server 2008
operating system preparation the IPv6 option needs to be removed
What is one way to disable IPv6 functionality?

A. IPv6 is disabled by default on Windows Server 2008 operating system
B. Perform a NET USE IPV6 DISABLE within a command window
C. Under Control Panel, go to System and Security and remove IPv6 addressing
D. Right chick on the Local Area Connection Adaptor and select Properties, then clear the IPv6 check

Answer: D

Which operating system features should be enabled in Windows Server 2008 operating system
before you install Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA)?

A. Windows Server Backup for running CCMA Server Backups and Internet Information Services (IIS)
B. TFTP Client to Backup of the CCMA configuration files to remote TFTP Server and XPS Viewer to
view reports on the server
C. Storage Manager for SAN’s for managing the remote backups and IIS
D. IIS and XPS Viewer to view reports on the server

Answer: A

Question: 9. In a SIP based Avaya Aura™ Contact Center, the Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) supports
secure Transport Layer Security (TLS) communication When implementing Security Certificate
management for TLS in the CCMS, what is the first step that must be accomplished?

A. Create the Certificate Store in the CCMS
B. Apply the Signed Certificate to the CCMS
C. Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file from the CMS
D. Apply the Certificate Authority (CA) Root Certificate to the CCMS

Answer: D

A company is planning to implement a stand-alone Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS
with 50 Voice Agents Which license type should the company purchase?

A. Essential
B. Nodal NCC
C. Nodal Enterprise
D. Corporate Enterprise

Answer: A

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