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Regardless of which database platform you use — Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and more — learning industry-standard SQL query syntax will give your database efforts a real boost. This training shows you how to write simple and complex queries in industry-standard SQL syntax, adapt syntax to vendor-specific SQL variants, defend against attacks like SQL injection, understand and optimize database designs, and even help optimize query performance through indexing.

Every CBT Nuggets series — whether it’s certification track or, like this one, solely on-the-job training — gives you the hands-on skills you need to be a more effective IT professional.

The SQL Language On-the-Job trainingcontents:

Database and Querying Concepts and Overview
SELECT: The Basics
Filtering Data with WHERE
SELECT: Using Functions
SELECT: Aggregates, GROUP BY, and HAVING
SELECT: Advanced Tricks
SELECT: Multiple Tables
SELECT: Advanced MUlti-Table Queries
Common SQL Functions
Data Definition
Understanding Relational Data
Speeding Up Queries, and Slowing them Down: Indexes
CAUTION: SQL Injection Attacks
Tools for worguide with SQL
Database Design Principles
Advanced Database Capabilities
Here’s what you’ll learn in each video of The SQL Language On-the-Job training series:

Video 1 – “Introduction” – overview of the series, what variations of SQL this series works withVideo 2 – “Database and QUerying Concepts and Overview” – terminology, ANSI standards, what is “null,” default values, auto-incrementing columns

Video 3 – “SELECT: The Basics” – querying data, selecting columns, basic filtering, basic sorting

Video 4 – “Filtering Data with WHERE” – Comparison operators, IN and BETWEEN operators, Boolean operators, IS operator, string and date delimiters, special functions like SOUNDEX and DIFFERENCE

Video 5 – “SELECT: Using Functions” – how to use common functions in the SELECT statement

Video 6 – “SELECT: Aggregates, GROUP BY, and HAVING” – aggregate/set functions, COUNT, MAX, MIN, SUM, AVG, and so on, GROUP BY and HAVING clauses

Video 7 – “SELECT: Advanced Tips” – TOP/LIMIT, sub-queries, table and column aliasing, DISTINCT, CASTing data types

Video 8 – “INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE Queries” – adding data, deleting data, and changing data; using SELECT in an INSERT, using TOP/LIMIT and WHERE


Video 10 – “SELECT: Advanced MUlti-Table Queries” – UNION operator, UNION JOIN, INTERSECT and EXCEPT operators

Video 11 – “Common SQL Functions” – Numeric functions, String functions, Date/Time functions

Video 12 – “Transactions” – START TRANSACTION / BEGIN WORK / BEGIN TRANSACTION, COMMIT, ROLLBACK, and transaction concepts

Video 13 – “Data Definition” – CREATE TABLE, common data types, ALTER TABLE, DROP TABLE

Video 14 – “Understanding Relational Data” – Creating primary keys, creating foreign key constrains, creating NOT NULL constraints, create UNIQUE constrains, creating CHECK constraints, understanding constraints’ impact on relational data

Video 15 – “Speeding Up Queries and Slowing them Down: Indexes” – Index concepts, CREATE INDEX, rebuilding/reorganizing indexes, DROP INDEX

Video 16 – “CAUTION: SQL Injection Attacks” – How they work, how to prevent them (escaping data and stored procedures)

Video 17 – “Tools for Worguide with SQL” – phpMyAdmin, SQL Server Management Studio, MySQL Query Analyzer, Other Tools

Video 18 – “Cursors” – Introduction and concepts, OPEN and CLOSE, FETCH, downsides of cursors

Video 19 – “Database Design Principles” – First, Second, and Third Normal form; denormalization

Video 20 – “Advanced Database Capabilities” – Platform-specific features, triggers, XML data manipulation, background jobs, and so on.



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