citrix 1y0-a09 braindumps

Exam Name: Implementing Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition 5.0
Exam Type: Citrix
Exam Code: 1Y0-A09 Total Questions: 97 Scenario: During the creation of a Microsoft Windows 2003 Standard Edition server virtual
machine (VM), an administrator is asked to make as many processors available as possible to
allow a developer to test a new multi-cpu application. What is the maximum number of VCPUs
that an administrator can assign to this VM?

A. 2
B. 4
C. 8
D. 16

Answer: B
Scenario: An administrator is installing XenServer Enterprise Edition 5.0 in an environment. The
administrator has two disks available for storage. According to best practices, how should the
administrator configure the local disk storage repositories (SRs) during the initial XenServer

A. Install XenServer on one disk and the control domain on the other disk
B. Install XenServer on one disk and the virtual machine SR on the other disk
C. Install XenServer and an in-place upgrade partition on one disk and the control domain on the
other disk
D. Install XenServer and the virtual machine SR on one disk and an in-place upgrade partition on
the other disk

Answer: B
An administrator is attempting to configure high availability (HA) using the appropriate storage
repository (SR) defined in the prerequisites but is unable to configure the heartbeat SR. What
could be the reason why the heartbeat SR cannot be set?

A. The SR must be empty
B. There is not enough storage space in the SR
C. A different SR should be used as the heartbeat SR
D. The administrator should restart the Configured HA Wizard

Answer: B
Scenario: A XenServer host in an existing resource pool with high availability enabled has failed.
All virtual machines (VMs) are set to protected mode, but one of the VMs failed to start on the
other hosts in the resource pool. What could have caused the VM to fail to start?

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A. The VM was NOT shut down properly
B. The resource pool is overcommitted
C. The VM was in a crash-consistent state
D. The VM timed out waiting for another VM to shut down

Answer: B
Which is the best way for an administrator to ensure that NIC failover is enabled for all virtual
machines (VMs) in a resource pool?

A. Enable link aggregation for each VM
B. Manually add a network bridge and attach all NICs to it
C. Create a NIC bond within the VM against a single virtual NIC
D. Create a XenServer network that is bonded across two physical NICs and ensure the VMs are
connected to the network

Answer: D

How can an administrator enable a virtual machine (VM) to connect to resources available
through a physical NIC on a XenServer host?

A. Use VLAN 0
B. Add a new internal network
C. Add a new external network
D. Use the XenServer management NIC

Answer: C
An administrator can change the CPU priority settings of a virtual machine (VM) from the
__________ tab of a VM in XenCenter. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. General
B. Network
C. Optimization
D. Memory and VCPUs

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator created a template with a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating
system. After creating the template the administrator realized that Microsoft SQL was NOT
installed on the virtual machine (VM) that was supposed to be the SQL server for the company.
What must the administrator do to get Microsoft SQL on to the VM template?

A. Install Microsoft SQL on to a new VM template using an ISO image
B. Install Microsoft SQL on to the existing VM template using a Microsoft SQL CD
C. Create a new template with a Windows 2003 operating system and Microsoft SQL
D. Create a new template using the Microsoft SQL template and the Microsoft SQL CD

Answer: C

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