mysql 006-002

Exam Name: Certified MySQL 5.0 DBA Part II
Exam Type: MySQL
Exam Code: 006-002 Total Questions 150
When performing diagnostic functions on a server should excessive start and stop messages be
looked for in the error log, and why?

A. No, start and stop messages are of no relevance to diagnostics.
B. Yes, because there is a bug in mysqld that can cause multiple start and stop messages to be
inserted in the log.
C. No, because they will not provide any information as to what is wrong.
D. Yes, because they can indicate that there is something causing the server to restart
unexpectedly and not due to normal startup and shutdown.

Answer: D

Is it possible to tell the MySQL server to throw an error on illegal dates rather than converting it to
zero-date or legal dates?

A. Yes, by updating a system variable.
B. No, it has to be done programmatically.
C. Yes, there is a SQL mode that exists for that.
D. No, all illegal date are converted regardless of any setting.

Answer: C
What will be the effect of executing the following statement? REVOKE ALL PRIVILEGES FROM

A. The account ‘web’@'localhost’ will have all privileges removed, and the account deleted from
the server.
B. The account ‘web’@'localhost’ will no longer be usable for login, but since there is no ON
clause, privileges are retained for re-enabling the account at a later time.
C. The account ‘web’@'localhost’ will lose all privileges except for USAGE
D. Nothing. A REVOKE statment without an ON clause is invalid

Answer: C

When worguide with replication, why might you want to stop the I/O thread on the slave while
keeping the SQL thread running?

A. So that no changes are made while maguide backups.
B. So that events for the slave do not get backlogged on the master.
C. So that remaining events can be processed while not receiving new events from the master.

Answer: C

You need to allow the user ‘joe’@'’ the privilege to create and alter stored routines in
the world database, but you do not want that user to be able to change any table definitions. The
user already has the required permissions to access table data in the database. Which of the
following will achieve that?

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A. Mysql> GRANT ALL ROUTINE PRIVILEGES ON world.* TO ‘joe’@'’;
B. Mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON world.* TO ‘joe’@'’;
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON FUNCTION world.* TO ‘joe’@'’;
D. Mysql> GRANT CREATE ROUTINE ON world.* TO ‘joe’@'’; mysql> GRANT
ALTER ROUTINE ON world.* TO ‘joe’@'’;
E. You must use GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON world.routine1_name, world.routine2_name …
TO ‘joe’@'’, replacing routine1_name etc. with the names of each of the stored
routines the user may want to create or alter
F. This cannot be done; permissions on tables and stored routines are always shared.

Answer: D
The account ‘ulf’@'localhost’ has previously been created with the statement GRANT ALL
PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO ‘ulf’@'localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘w01f’ This account should no longer be
used, so you issue the following command: REVOKE ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* FROM
‘ulf’@'localhost’ After executing this statement, you inspect the server and find that no clients are
connected using that account. However, the next day you notice that the account ‘ulf’@'localhost’
is indeed connected to the server. Why is it still possible for the account ‘ulf’@'localhost’ to
connect to the server?

A. Specifying GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* effectively created an administrator account,
which cannot be disabled through the REVOKE statement
B. The REVOKE statement used does not remove the USAGE privilege from the account,
allowing new connections with that account.
C. The REVOKE command was not followed by a FLUSH PRIVILEGES command, so the
account was never actually disabled
D. The ON *.* clause should not be specified when disabling an account

Answer: B
Consider the following: mysql> EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM City WHERE CountryCode = ‘USA’
*************************** 1. row *************************** id: 1 select_type: SIMPLE table: City type:
ALL possible_keys: NULL key: NULL key_len: NULL ref: NULL rows: 4079 Extra: Using where
What does it mean that the possible_keys column value is NULL?

A. No index is considered available for this query.
B. No index exists for the table you are querying.
C. You are not maguide use of any available indexes in your query.

Answer: A
Consider the following: mysql> EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM City WHERE Name = ‘Jacksonville’
AND CountryCode = ‘USA’ *************************** 1. row *************************** id: 1
select_type: SIMPLE table: City type: ref possible_keys: name_country_index key:
name_country_index key_len: 13 ref: const,const rows: 1 Extra: Using where Which of the
following best describes the meaning of the value for the key_len column?

A. It shows how big the indexes are.
B. It shows how many columns are examined.
C. It shows how many results will be returned.
D. It shows how many bytes will be used from index rows.

Answer: D

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