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A customer has a pSeries that needs to be upgraded from AIX Version 5.1 to AIX Version 5.2. the customer wants to retain /etc/passwd. Which of the following installation types should be used?

A. Preservation install
B. Retention install
C. Overwrite install
D. Migration install

Due to operational commitments, a system has a very short backup window during the week but is not used from Saturday morning through Sunday at Midnight. Which of the following minimizes backup time, while providing the best data restore coverage?

A. Full backups every night
B. Differential backups every night
C. Full backup Saturday night, incremental backups the rest of the week
D. Full backup Saturday night, differential backups the rest of the week

Which command must be run after an administrator has made changes to /etc/services to active the changes?

A. /etc/rc.tcpip
B. refresh -s inetd
C. startsrc -s inetd
D. startsrc -g tcpip

A system administrator wants to configure a system so that all new users will be put into the database group by default. How would this be accomplished?

A. remove all other groups from the system
B. run the command mkuser -default ‘GROUP=database’
C. change the default group in /user/lib/security/mkuser. Default
D. edit/etc/security/group to move all users to the database stanza

Which of the following commands will list all the logical volumes and the file system distribution across a specific physical volume?

A. lspv -l
B. lslv -p
C. lsps -a
D. lsvg -m

A system administrator just completed an AIX installation but suspects that not all filesets installed completely. Which command should be run to verify that all filesets are completely installed?

A. installp
B. lslpp
C. lppchk
D. oslevel

Given the following scripts, both found in /usr/local/bin, what would the output be when executing /usr/local/bin/script1?
export var1
export var2
Script 2
echo “${var1 } $ {var2}”

A. dog cat
B. dog fish
C. mouse cat
D. mouse fish

A user calls to report they are getting I/O errors on a file system. Which of the following tools should be isolate this problem?

A. df
B. diagrpt
C. errmsg
D. errpt

How is an IP address removed from a network interface?

A. rmdev -dl ent0
B. ifconfig en0 down
C. ifconfig en0 delete
D. ifconfig en0 detach

A system administrator wants to couple two servers together so that users from server A can access server B without entering their password. How would this be accomplished?

A. employ NLS to synchronze user name and passwords
B. create a /.rhosts on server a and server B
C. create a $HOME/.netrc for all users on server a and serve rB
D. creat a /etc/hosts.equiv on server A and server B

A system administrator has been asked to migrate the dev_vg volume group from server A to server B. The dev_vg volume group contains a single filesystem named “/development”. To prepare for migration which of the following is the sequence of commands for removing the volume group from server A.

A. exportvg dev_vg; umount /development; varyoffvg dev_vg
B. varyoffvg dev_vg; umount /development; varyoffvg dev_vg
C. umount /development; exportvg dev_vg; varyoffvg dev_vg
D. umount /development; varyoffvg dev_vg; varyoffvg dev_vg

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