19. In order to do maintenance work on an Hitachi TagmaStore AMS200 you have to shutdown the system. After the power LED on the front panel turns off, how do you determine when to start your maintenance work?
A.Verify that the Cache Power LED is off.
B.Verify that all disk spindles have stopped spinning.
C.Verify that Storage Navigator Modular has shut down.
D.Verify that all system parameter data has been written to the first five disks.

Answer: A

20. Which statement is true about defining a RAID group by means of Storage Navigator Modular (SNM)?
A.You can define a RAID group which consists of Fibre Channel and SATA disks.
B.A spare disk defined by SNM will never copy back data to a disk that has been replaced.
C.Other than in DAMP, you can extend a RAID group by adding another single physical disk when using the disk roaming feature of SNM.
D.The disk roaming feature allows you to combine disks regardless where they are physically located in the subsystem into a single RAID group.

Answer: D

21. The customer has LUN 0 and 1 configured on a server. They delete data on LUN 1 because they want to create a LU Size Expansion (LUSE) with these two LUNs.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A.You can make a LUSE when LUNs are on a different controller.
B.You can make a LUSE when LUNs are on a different RAID group.
C.You can make a LUSE when LUNs are on a RAID group with different stripe size.
D.You can make a LUSE when LUNs consist of a Fibre Channel drive and a SATA drive.

Answer: BC

22. You want to use the LU Size Expansion (LUSE) feature on an Hitachi TagmaStore AMS storage system.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A.LUs in Unformat status can be unified.
B.LUs in Regression status can be unified.
C.Devices residing on RAID-0 RAID groups can be used for LUSE.
D.Devices residing on different RAID groups can be used for LUSE.

Answer: BD

23. Which two statements are true concerning Cache Residency Manager? (Choose two.)
A.Cache Residency Manager stores segments of a LUN in cache.
B.Cache Residency Manager does not work with Cache Partitions.
C.Cache Residency Manager only works with a segment size of 16KB.
D.Cache Residency Manager ensures 100% read and write cache hit rates.

Answer: CD

24. How does Cache Residency Manager increase data access speed?
A.Stores all data for a LUN in cache.
B.Provides common data that is always in cache.
C.Changes the cache algorithms to improve access speed.
D.Configures internally resident storage to be used as virtual cache.

Answer: A

25. Which three operations are allowed after activating security on an Hitachi TagmaStore AMS Fibre Channel (FC) port? (Choose three.)
A.Add multiple WWNs to one host group.
B.Add an LDEV to two different host groups.
C.Create a host group with two different host connection modes
D.Add the same WWN to two different host groups on the same FC Port.
E.Create host groups with different host connection modes on the same FC port.

Answer: ABE

26. When configuring LUN security which two are used to identify the host? (Choose two.)
A.SCSI path
B.device name
C.iSCSI Qualified Name
D.HBA Worldwide Name

Answer: CD

27. When configuring LUN security which three steps must be completed after creating the Host Group? (Choose three.)
A.Add LUNs.
B.Add host WWNs.
C.Set multi-pathing mode.
D.Add Fibre Channel Ports.
E.Set a host connection mode.

Answer: ABE

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