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HP0-729 Exam : ProCurve Secure Mobility Solutions 6.41

At a customer site, you have defined VLAN 128 on a ProCurve Switch 5300xl and on a connected Access Point 530. You must now configure an Access Profile in Identity Driven
Manager that will assign Marketing users to this VLAN. However, the VLAN is not listed among
the choices for the Access Profile. Which step is necessary to make the VLAN available?

A. Define the AP 530 as a Location.
B. Perform a rediscovery of the switch.
C. Define the VLAN as a Network Resource.
D. Import Marketing users from Active Directory. Answer: B
Which applications must be hosted on the same computer to enable ProCurve Manager
Plus/Identity Driven Manager to function in a Windows environment? (Select two.)

A. PCM+ server
B. DHCP server
C. Identity Driven Manager
D. Internet Authentication Service
E. Active Directory domain controller

Answer: A, C

At a customer site, you must configure Identity Driven Manager to enforce access policies for users who will use 802.1X authentication to connect through an Ethernet port on a ProCurve Switch 5300xl. Where can you enter the RADIUS shared secret?

A. CLI of the Switch 5300xl
B. network setup for client computers
C. Remote Access Policy on RADIUS server
D. Location setting in Identity Driven Manager

Answer: A

At a customer site where PCM+/IDM is deployed, 50 new users are added to Active Directory
groups already imported into IDM. When will these users appear in IDM?

A. when PCM+/IDM performs auto-discovery
B. when the IDM RADIUS Agent polls Active Directory
C. when the users are authenticated through RADIUS
D. when the IDM Access Policy is deployed to the realm



Answer: C

In Identity Driven Manager, which object contains the Time, Location, and System parameters?

A. Identity Profile
B. Access Profile
C. Access Policy Group
D. Network Resource Access Rule

Answer: C

In Identity Driven Manager, which user-defined object identifies specific switch ports and access
points where users connect to the network?

A. Location
B. Access Profile
C. Connection Profile
D. Network Resource

Answer: A

At a customer site, a technician creates a new Sales group in Active Directory and adds 20 new users to the group. When the technician imports the users into IDM, they are all assigned to the Default Access Policy Group. What is the cause of this assignment?

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A. The technician did not include the Sales group in the import.
B. The technician did deploy the policy to the realm after importing users.
C. The technician did not enable the IDM RADIUS Agent before importing users.
D. The technician did not create a Sales Access Policy Group before importing users.

Answer: A

At a customer site, a technician configures 802.1X authentication for four switch ports on a
ProCurve Switch 5300xl. The technician does not issue a command specifying an
unauthenticated VLAN ID. Presuming DHCP is properly configured for all VLANs, how will this configuration affect VLAN membership and IP addressing for unauthenticated users?

A. The users will receive addresses in the range associated with VLAN 1.
B. The users will receive addresses in the range associated with the untagged VLAN on the ports
where they connect.
C. The users will be assigned addresses in the range associated with the VLAN ID returned by



the RADIUS server.
D. The users will not be assigned to any VLAN. Windows XP clients will receive private
addresses in the range. Answer: D
In a Windows environment, what is a role of the IDM RADIUS Agent?

A. to add RADIUS attributes to a RADIUS-ACCEPT packet from IAS
B. to act as a RADIUS proxy server for all clients associating through Locations defined in IDM
C. to monitor the Windows Active Directory and IAS for evidence of unauthorized logins or access
D. to ensure that user accounts created in RADIUS databases on ProCurve access points and
are correctly added to Active Directory on the Domain Controller

Answer: A

What does the session information shown in the exhibit indicate about this user?

A. The user received an IP address in the range of
B. The user received an IP address in the VLAN 1 address range.
C. The user received an IP address in the VLAN configured on the switch port where the user
D. The user received an IP address in the VLAN associated with the Marketing profile in Identity



Driven Manager.

Answer: C

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passguide HP0-729

Free download?passguide HP Master ASE HP0-729
Free download?passguide HP Master ASE HP0-729

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