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“LF PROFESSIONAL COLOR WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT”, also known as HP0-063 exam, is a HP certification.
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Questions and Answers : 146 questions
Updated: April 25th , 2008

Question: 1
What is the advantage of using vector data versus raster?

A. vector data files are bigger
B. vector data has high resolution
C. vector data files are smaller
D. vector data is ideal for photo images
Answer: C Question: 2
What is the function of the light inks on an HP six color printer?

A. extend the color gamut of the printer
B. increase the resolution and smoothness in highlight areas
C. increase print density
D. create more saturated colors
Answer: B Question: 3
What do you get if you add Cyan, Magenta and Yellow together?

A. Black B. White C. Green D. Red
Answer: A Question: 4
What is true regarding the droplets in color layering (Photo RET) techology?

A. they are consistently printed in the same sequence
B. they are printed precisely to avoid ink mixing problems
C. they are printed the same distance apart for higher apparent resolution
D. they are positioned precisely to overlap and create a larger color palette
Answer: D Question: 5
To match a Pantone spot color on an HP Designjet printer, how should you define the color?

A. Pantone RGB color
B. Pantone Process color C. Pantone coated color D. Pantone Formula color
Answer: C Question: 6
What is the purpose of preflighting?

A. determining how long a job will take to print for ROI calculation
B. ensuring jobs print without problems


Exam Name: LF Professional Color Workflow Management
Exam Type: HP
Exam Code: HP0-063 Total Questions: 126

C. maguide sure shop staff are up to speed
D. introducing new applications and software to the workflow
Answer: B Question: 7
To reduce banding, you might want to choose a print mode with which option?

A. fewer print passes
B. faster head speed
C. bidirectional printing
D. more print passes
Answer: D Question: 8
What is the size of an inkjet droplet measured in?

A. microliters
B. picoliters
C. millimeters
D. deciliters
Answer: B Question: 9
In what way are spectrophotometers different than human vision?

A. They detect less light than humans can.
B. They are less sensitive than the human eye. C. They measure at a 45 degree geometry.
D. They do not see color relationships.
Answer: D Question: 10
What does the CMYK+ feature do?

A. allows the HP Designjet 130 to print proofs
B. maximizes the color gamut of CMYK files when printing
C. reduces the color gamut of the printer to standard CMYK when printing
D. maximizes the color gamut of RGB photo files when printing with CMYK
Answer: B Question: 11
When profiling a display, you should set the monitor white point to match which condition?

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A. 7500 Kelvin
B. broadcast standard 9300 Kelvin
C. a standard lighting condition like D50
D. whatever your room light is set to

Answer: C


Exam Name: LF Professional Color Workflow Management
Exam Type: HP
Exam Code: HP0-063 Total Questions: 126

Question: 12
When bringing files into a workflow, why is it useful to convert to a worguide space?

A. all files can be edited and printed using the same settings
B. your files would not print correctly from an input space
C. all files will end up being accurate
D. pantone colors are then defined as spot color values
Answer: A Question: 13
What is CIELAB or L*a*b?

A. lab-color as outlined by the ICC
B. described as a two-dimensional color model
C. used to measure color consistently
D. a color space desribing the human visible color spectrum
Answer: D Question: 14
What is a key benefit of thermal inkjet print technology?

A. the printheads last for the life of the printer
B. it lasts longer than solvent ink
C. it can print actual halftone dots accurately
D. it is proven, inexpensive, and reliable
Answer: D Question: 15
What does a raster image file consist of?

A. a continuous-tone bitmap of pixels
B. vector graphics
C. lines and points that are filled and stroked with color
D. mathematical descriptions of shapes
Answer: A Question: 16
When are color rendering intents useful?

A. when color must be soft-proofed on a monitor
B. when colors must be translated from one color space to another
C. when Postscript commands are interpreted for printing
D. when images are converted to dots of ink by the RIP
Answer: B Question: 17
What is a primary advantage of dye ink?

A. it has a large color gamut for bright, saturated colors
B. it provides archival print longevity on a wide variety of media


Exam Name: LF Professional Color Workflow Management
Exam Type: HP
Exam Code: HP0-063 Total Questions: 126

C. it is resistant to fading colors
D. it is water resistant
Answer: A Question: 18
What should be done when calculating the maximum image enlargement size in Photoshop?

A. uncheck “Resample Image” B. check “Resample Image”
C. enter the final pixel width
D. use Image > Adjust > Threshold
Answer: A Question: 19
On a Windows 2000 computer, ICC profiles are stored in which location?

A. Windows > System > Color
B. WINNT > System32 > Color
C. WINNT > System 32 > Libraries > Color
D. WINNT > System32 > Spool > Drivers > Color
Answer: D Question: 20
Which user needs versatility ranging from photo output to sign maguide capabilities?

A. photo lab
B. photographer
C. reprographics house
D. quick print shop
Answer: D Question: 21
On a Windows XP computer, ICC profiles are stored in which location?

A. Windows > System > Color
B. WINNT > System32 > Color
C. WINNT > System 32 > Libraries > Color
D. WINNT > System32 > Spool > Drivers > Color
Answer: A Question: 22
In Adobe applications, what does the RGB worguide space refer to?

A. the scanner or camera from which the image was captured
B. the RGB printer where it will be printed C. a color space for editing and archiving D. the monitor on which it is displayed

Answer: C

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