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Design & Implementation of HP SIM for ISS Solutions : HP0-176 Exam

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Exam Number/Code: HP0-176
Exam Name: Design & Implementation of HP SIM for ISS Solutions
Questions Type: Multiple choice,

“Design & Implementation of HP SIM for ISS Solutions”, also known as HP0-176 exam, is a HP certification.
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Questions and Answers : 124 Q&A
Updated: April 8th , 2008

When new accounts are created in HP SIM, which items make up the combination of the role-based authorization? Select THREE.

A. taskbox B. role-set C. toolbox
D. password
E. system or system group
F. user

Answer: C,E,F

Where is DMI information defined?

A. in a DMI sysOID file
B. in a Management Information Base (MIB) file
C. in a Management Information Format (MIF) file
D. in the globalsettings.props file

Answer: C

Your environment consists of several ProLiant servers monitored by PMP 3.0. Some of these servers are monitored using demo licenses. After using the Data Migration Tool to upgrade PMP, the servers with demo licenses are no longer monitored. Why?

A. The PMP upgrade no longer supports demo licenses.
B. Monitoring of all servers must be stopped prior to running the Data Migration Tool.
C. The Data Migration Tool does not support migrating demo licenses.
D. Monitoring of servers with demo licenses must be disabled prior to running the Data
Migration Tool.
E. The Data Migration Tool automatically disables monitoring of servers with demo licenses, and they must be re-enabled manually.

Answer: C

You want to deploy multiple patches to a server using VPM. Each patch requires a reboot. How will VPM handle these reboots?

A. VPM gives you the opportunity to suppress each reboot until the last patch is installed.
B. VPM will automatically wait until all patches are installed before rebooting. C. VPM will automatically reboot after each patch is installed.



D. VPM waits for user interaction after each patch is installed.

Answer: A

You want to remove a user from the HP SIM database. What should you do with the tasks owned by that user?

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A. Nothing, they get automatically assigned to the administrator.
B. Create a copy of these tasks and save under another users name. C. Drag and drop the tasks to another user.
D. Remove or reassign the tasks before the user is removed. Answer: D
You want to deploy the SMP agent to the server. How should you proceed?

A. Select Install SMP agent from the deploy drivers, firmware and agents menu in HP SIM.
B. Deploy the license to the server using license manager in HP SIM. The agent is automatically installed with the license.
C. Select the SMP Agent manager in HP SIM to deploy the agent.
D. Deploy the ProLiant Support Pack to the server. The SMP agent is included. Answer: A
What is a feature of the Version Control Agent (VCA)? Select TWO.

A. The VCA retrieves software and firmware inventory from the managed system.
B. The VCA can use a remote repository that is not managed by a VCRM. C. The VCA uses SSH to securely communicate with the VCRM.
D. The VCA is used to install firmware updates on ProLiant BL-p network switches.
E. The VCA logs activities, such as software installations. Answer: A,E
A system administrator wants to verify the World-Wide Name of a storage switch. How can this be verified using HP SIM?

A. Use the SMI-S get tool in HP SIM to obtain the World Wide Name. B. Expand the identification info on the switch system page.
C. Expand the ports info on the switch system page.
D. Create a new report and select full details for the appropriate switch.



Answer: C

Which component, running on the managed nodes, enables the Distributed Task Facility
(DTF) to execute commands on managed nodes running Windows?

A. WMI mapper
B. SSH client
C. SSH server
D. Version Control Agent

Answer: C

Within Secure Socket Layer (SSL), how are public keys distributed?

A. by using the mxagentconfig tool in HP SIM B. by placing them within digital certificates
C. by digitally signing the SSL key
D. by copying them manually to the managed hosts

Answer: B

You just finished installing HP SIM and want to discover new devices on the network. Besides automatic and manual discovery, which option is available?

A. Use a database tool to add the device directly into HP SIM. B. Import a HOSTS file.
C. Use the mxdiscovery command. D. Import an LMHOSTS file.

Answer: B

If a server is licensed but not marked for monitoring, what status will be displayed in the
PF column of the HP SIM homepage? Select TWO.

A. Critical B. Minor C. Normal D. Major
E. Unknown

Answer: C,E

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