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1. What are two components of the Tivoli’s process automation engine? (Choose two.)

A. common surveys
B. common terminology
C. common documentation
D. common configuration services
E. common process workflow run time and services

Answer: DE

2. What are two capabilities of Tivoli’s process automation engine? (Choose two.)

A. wide scope Java tooling built-in
B. ability to have multiple servers use a single database
C. collaborative integration tool set with video conferencing tools
D. out-of-the-box integration of Service Management and Asset Management functions to seamlessly execute cross-domain process activities
E. rapid development of new solutions using built-in “code free” tools such as Application Designer, Workflow Designer, and Data Configuration

Answer: DE

3. What are two capabilities of Tivoli’s process automation engine? (Choose two.)

A. provides a realtime ITIL maturity index
B. improves the speed to create a new service request from the start center
C. provides the automated mapping of documented ITIL processes to the tool
D. configurability of workflows, data, and user interfaces allowing customers to tune the tool E. improves communication through bulletin board, escalation, and collaboration capabilities

Answer: DE

4. Which statement is true about the Tivoli’s process automation engine (Tpae)?

A. Tpae offers a complete solution management for CRM.
B. Tpae offers a total MRO solution for asset management.
C. Tpae uses common database SQL scripting across all types of databases to provide seamless integration with multiple products.
D. Tpae uses leading, standards-based technology; the web-architected platform is built on J2EE with advanced business process management and integration to other tools with Web services and XML.

Answer: D

5. Which two products use Tivoli’s process automation engine as their foundation? (Choose two.)

A. IBM Tivoli Risk Manager
B. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
C. IBM Tivoli Compliance Manager
D. IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager
E. IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager

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Answer: DE

6. Which product allows a customer to track Lease Contracts?

A. IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager
B. IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT
C. IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager
D. IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database

Answer: B

7. A customer wants to have the help desk staff notified 7 days before a lease expires on a system managed by the IT department. Which product can be used for this purpose?

A. IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager
B. IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT
C. IBM Tivoli License Compliance Manager
D. IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database

Answer: B

8. A customer’s IT department issues new laptops to corporate IT users. Which application can be used to reorder laptops when the number in stock falls below a certain threshold?

A. Inventory application
B. Contracts application
C. Storeroom application
D. Chart of Accounts application

Answer: A

9. A customer wants to determine when a laptop lease expires. How can this be achieved?

A. Establish an end of Lease Site.
B. Establish an end of Lease Location.
C. Link the asset to a Configuration Item.
D. Associate a Lease Contract to the asset.

Answer: D

10. What is an authorized asset?

A. An authorized asset has a purchase order associated with it.
B. An authorized asset has a purchase contract associated with it.
C. An authorized asset is one that is tracked throughout the IT asset life cycle.
D. An authorized asset is assigned to a user and has a contract associated with it.

Answer: C

11. What is the difference between swapping an asset and moving an asset?

A. A move occurs within a fixed site, while a swap occurs between an operating location and a salvage location.
B. A move uses a Configuration Item within an operating site, while a swap uses a rotating asset across organizations.
C. A move has financial implications across organizations, while a swap only has financial implications within an operating site.
D. A move changes an asset from one location to another, while a swap exchanges an existing asset in a location for another asset.

Answer: D

12. A customer requires varying levels of detail about infrastructure components they have in their data center. These components have complex runtime dependencies. And the customer requires information about how these components are related and also wants to track changes to certain infrastructure components.
Which product is recommended to the customer to meet these requirements?

A. IBM Tivoli Monitoring
B. IBM Tivoli Discovery Manager
C. IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager
D. IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager

Answer: D

13. What are the benefits of a solution which uses IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM)?

A. provides automatic discovery of actual configuration items and deployed assets
B. uses the IBM Tivoli Common Agent when agentless discovery does not provide enough detailed information on a discovered asset
C. can discover any platform and any device by using the same intelligent TADDM Discovery agent which is automatically installed by the help desk
D. provides financial accounting information from the accounting solution which can be used to reduce the number of server licenses the customer requires

Answer: A

14. What can be performed by using IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager?

A. discovery and configuration of virtualized storage environments
B. discovery, configuration, and deployment of business critical applications
C. discovery of the IT infrastructure items such as servers, desktops, and middleware applications
D. discovery of the license expiry and contract terms and conditions of running middleware applications

Answer: C

15. Which benefits can IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager provide to users of IBM Service Management?

A. automated approval and deployment of Configuration Items (CIs)
B. cost reduction of middleware components, by discovering dependencies between virtual servers
C. discovery of interdependencies between applications, middleware, servers, and network components
D. discovery of incidents generated by CIs which can be used for event correlation in the ITIL compliant incident management solution

Answer: C

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