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Information About the McAfee Security Certification
The McAfee Security Certification Program provides product and assessment certifications, validating your knowledge and ability in a variety of security-related categories. Demonstrate your knowledge and experience on key McAfee products and McAfee Foundstone penetration testing skills by becoming a McAfee Certified Product Specialist or a McAfee Certified Assessment Specialist.
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McAfee Certified Product Specialist-ePO

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Question: 1
Which of the following uses a proprietary SPIPE protocol to encapsulate unsecured HTTP traffic?

A. PA Agent
B. HIPS Agent
C. DLP Agent
D. McAfee Agent

Answer: D

Question: 2
Which of the following is a core architecture component of ePO?

A. Internet Explorer
B. Event Parser
C. Active Directory
D. Agent Handler

Answer: B

Question: 3
What option can be configured in the On-Access General Policy that is not an option in the local VirusScan console?

A. Boot sectors
B. Floppy during shutdown
C. Enable on-access scanning at system startup
D. Enable on-access scanning when the policy is enforced

Answer: D

Question: 4
Which of the following system properties does the ePO server write to the database? Select the three that apply.

A. Total disk space
B. Total physical memory
C. Last communication
D. VirusScan version
E. McAfee agent version

Answer: A, B, C

Question: 5
To ensure that a Rogue System Detection Sensor is not installed on a managed system, what action needs to be performed?

A. Add the system to the Exception List
B. Add the system to the Blacklist
C. Add the system as Ignored
D. Add the system as Managed

Answer: B

Question: 6
The ePO server uses which format to write to the database tables?

A. Extensible Configuration Checklist Description Format (XCCDF)
B. Common Events Format (CEF)
C. Security Content Automation Protocol Format (SCAP)
D. Data Access Layer (DAL)

Answer: B

Question: 7
When configuring a Synchronization Type for a group within the System Tree which of the following is a valid choice? Select the three that apply.

A. Leave systems in their current system tree location only
B. Add systems to the synchronized group and leave them in the current system tree location
C. Add systems to the synchronized group and delete duplicate entries
D. Add systems to the synchronized group and mark duplicate entries
E. Move systems from their current system tree location to the synchronized group

Answer: A, B, D

Question: 8
Which of the following are examples of default column headers on the Server Task area of the interface? Select the two that apply.

A. Description
B. Duration
C. Name
D. Source
E. Status

Answer: C, E

Question: 9
Which options must be selected when creating a maintenance plan for the SQL Database? Select the three that apply.

A. Shrink Database
B. Check Database Integrity
C. Rebuild Index
D. Clean Up History
E. Back Up Database

Answer: B, C, E

Question: 10
If you specify the McAfee Agent Policy to collect only minimal properties, the agent collects only which of the following? Select the two that apply.

A. Installed software information
B. DAT file version number
C. Processor speed
D. Installation path
E. Operation system

Answer: B, D

Question: 11
What is the default number of sensors that will be active per subnet?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Answer: B

Question: 12
A Subnet that has a Rogue System Detection Sensor installed is

A. active.
B. inactive.
C. uncovered.
D. covered.

Answer: D

Question: 13
Which of the following are valid server tasks for updating the ePO repositories? Select the two that apply.

A. Repository pull
B. Update
C. Repository replication
D. Mirror
E. Product deployment

Answer: A, C

Question: 14
Which of the following is used to create a policy? Select the two that apply.

A. Copy
B. Duplicate
C. Clone
D. New Policy
E. Save As

Answer: B, D

Question: 15
What options are available to the administrator when creating a client task to limit the systems that receive the task?

A. Tasks can only be assigned globally
B. Tasks can only be assigned to a specific group
C. Task can be configured with defined criteria
D. Task can be enabled when the desired systems are online

Answer: C

Question: 16
Deployment packages that are checked into the ePO server have which of the following file extension?

A. .arc
B. .rar
C. .zip
D. .jar

Answer: C

Question: 17
When creating a new query, what is the function title used to limit the resulting output?

A. Result type
B. Chart
C. Filter
D. Columns

Answer: C

Question: 18
Which of the following types of distributed repositories is supported by ePO? Select the three that apply.


Answer: A, B, C

Question: 19
If a policy that is assigned to the My Organization group is deleted, what policy is assigned in its place?

A. McAfee Default
B. Parent Group
C. My Default
D. Global Root

Answer: A

Question: 20
When running a Run Tag Criteria server task and the box for Reset manually tagged and excluded systems box is checked, this would

A. include both systems that match and dont match.
B. remove the tag on systems that do match the criteria.
C. add the tag on systems that dont match the criteria.
D. remove the tag on systems that dont match the criteria.

Answer: D

Question: 21
Which of the following server services is responsible for communication with the McAfee Agent?

A. Apache
B. Tomcat
D. Event Parser

Answer: A

Question: 22
Which of the following are valid Automatic Query Actions that can be selected from a result of a query? Select the three that apply.

A. Install Point Products
B. Assign Policy
C. Move Systems to another Group
D. Email File
E. Remove Point Products

Answer: B, C, D

Question: 23
Which of the following should be the primary consideration when deploying Agent Handlers?

A. Database increasing in size
B. Log files increasing in size
C. Memory and resource allocation
D. High speed and low latency connection

Answer: D

Question: 24
When creating a permission set, which of the following users are automatically assigned? Select the two that apply.

A. Admin
B. Group Admin
C. System
D. Global Administrator
E. Global Reviewer

Answer: A, C

Question: 25
Which of the following are used to update the master repository on a regular basis?

A. Automatic Response
B. Client Task
C. Server Task
D. Server Settings

Answer: C

Question: 26
In which area of the console is the System Tree Sorting enabled?

A. Server Settings
B. Client tasks
C. Sorting Criteria
D. Assigned Policies

Answer: A

Question: 27
Query results are displayed within ePO in what form? Select the two that apply.

B. Charts
D. Tables

Answer: B, D

Question: 28
What port is used to access the McAfee Agent Activity Log from a remote machine?

A. 80
B. 443
C. 8081
D. 8082

Answer: C

Question: 29
What default port is used for Rogue System Detection Sensors for communication to the ePO server?

A. 8081
B. 8082
C. 8443
D. 8444

Answer: D

Question: 30
What is used to configure the SQL server to drop the transaction logs once a checkpoint is complete?

A. Full
B. Simple
C. Bulk-Logged
D. Recovery

Answer: B

Question: 31
To remove computers from ePO using the Active Directory Synchronization task, it is required that the account has access to the

A. deleted computers.
B. deleted Objects container.
C. Organizational Unit.
D. Active Directory.

Answer: D

Question: 32
When configuring Product Deployment Client Tasks, the Enable randomization setting should be activated when managed client nodes exceed

A. 100.
B. 500.
C. 750.
D. 1000.

Answer: D

Question: 33
Where in the ePO database is the ePO Agent gathered system information stored?

A. epocomputerproperties
B. epobranc
C. epoleafnode
D. epoproductproperties

Answer: A

Question: 34
What location is used to change the default Dashboard for new ePO Console users?

A. Personal Settings
B. Permission Sets
C. Contacts
D. Server Settings

Answer: D

Question: 35
When configuring the Active Directory settings, exceptions can include which of the following?

A. Organizational Units
B. Computers
C. Domain Groups
D. Users

Answer: A

Question: 36
Which of the following is the correct order for creating a query?

A. Configure Chart, choose Columns, select Result Type, apply Filter
B. Select Result Type, choose Columns, configure Chart, apply Filter
C. Configure Chart, select Result Type, choose Columns, apply Filter
D. Select Result Type, configure Chart, choose Columns, apply Filter

Answer: D

Question: 37
Which of the following cannot be completed within the Policy Catalog?

A. Edit
B. Rename
C. Duplicate
D. Assign

Answer: D

Question: 38
Which of the following can NOT be placed into a dashboard?

A. Boolean pie chart
B. Multi-group summary table
C. Single-group summary table
D. Table

Answer: D

Question: 39
When a policy is locked, it prevents modification of the

A. policy.
B. assignment.
C. system tree.
D. sub groups.

Answer: B

Question: 40
Which of the following are valid deployment package types? Select the two that apply.

A. Catalog.z
B. Agent Language pack
C. Extradat
D. Artemis pack
E. ePOMain

Answer: B, C

Question: 41
Private queries are available to

A. the creator.
B. Global Administrators.
C. administrators who have permission.
D. Group Administrators.

Answer: A

Question: 42
Which of the following steps are needed for Policy Sharing? Select the three that apply.

A. Register the remote ePO servers
B. Share the individual policies
C. Configure Server Task
D. Enable Global Updating
E. Share default policies

Answer: A, B, C

Question: 43
What detail property includes the local Time Zone value of a managed machine?

A. VirusScan Enterprise Properties
B. McAfee Agent Properties
C. Host Intrusion Preventions Properties
D. System Information Properties

Answer: D

Question: 44
Which of the following Lost&Found group characteristics can be modified?

A. Group Name
B. Sorting Criteria
C. Sorting Criteria for subgroups
D. Tree location

Answer: C

Question: 45
Which component controls the scheduled tasks and communicates with the common agent?

A. Task Manager
B. McShield
C. Framework Service
D. Scan32.exe

Answer: C

Question: 46
Which VirusScan policy configures the option Allow this system to make remote console connections to other systems?

A. User interface
B. On-Access Scanner
C. Quarantine Manager
D. Unwanted Programs

Answer: A

Question: 47
When backing up an ePO server, which of the following security keys is required to restore agent server communication?

A. Local Master Repository Communication
B. Agent Server Secure Communication
C. Legacy Agent Server Communication
D. McAfee SIA Repository Communication

Answer: B

Question: 48
Why would a managed system appear in the Lost&Found group?

A. No matching criteria were found
B. Matched sorting criteria were found
C. Inactive Agent
D. Rogue Agent

Answer: A

Question: 49
An RSD Sensor has been deployed from the ePO console. However, it has not reported back. Which of the following is the most likely cause? Select the three that apply.

A. The sensor is unable to resolve the IP address for ePO
B. The sensor is blacklisted
C. Deployment of the sensor failed
D. Sensor service is disabled after installation
E. The sensor is an exception

Answer: A, C, D

Question: 50
Which of the following are examples of client tasks? Select the three that apply.

A. Agent Wakeup
B. Product Update
C. Repository pull
D. Mirror Repositories
E. Event Migration

Answer: A, B, D

Question: 51
Which of the following options are available from the ePO Server settings? Select the three that apply.

A. Ports
B. Global Updating
C. Event Migration
D. Active Directory Synchronization
E. Email Server

Answer: A, B, E

Question: 52
Which two items are modified in the Full Scan Task when installing the Anti-Spyware module? Select the two that apply.

A. Registry
B. Cookies
C. Running Process
D. Recycle bin
E. Memory for Rootkits

Answer: A, B

Question: 53
What VirusScan menu option is used to unlock the user interface?

A. Task
B. Edit
C. View
D. Tools

Answer: D

Question: 54
Which policies can be configured to record the Session settings for reporting? Select the two that apply.

A. On-Delivery Email Scan Policies
B. On-Access Default Processes Policies
C. On-Access General Policies
D. Quarantine Manager Policies

Answer: A, C

Question: 55
What function is disabled for the default ePO Summary dashboard?

A. Edit
B. Delete
C. Make active
D. Make public

Answer: D

Question: 56
When opening an existing policy, the policy settings are organized across

A. interfaces.
B. tabs.
C. screens.
D. columns.

Answer: B

Question: 57
An administrator can configure a query to run a scheduled sub-action to do which of the following? Select the two that apply.

A. Resort Systems
B. Create Tag
C. Move Systems to Another Group
D. Clear Policy
E. Add to Rogue Systems

Answer: A, C

Question: 58
Product deployment packages are checked into what repository?

A. Distributed
B. Master
C. Fallback
D. Source

Answer: B

Question: 59
Which of the following are ePO Server Maintenance tasks? Select the two that apply.

A. Master Repository Update Failed
B. Purge Repository tasks
C. Update sensor deployment
D. Product License Usage
E. Query New Rogue Detection

Answer: C, D

Question: 60
What Artemis sensitivity level is selected to protect systems or areas that are regularly infected?

A. Low
B. Medium
C. High
D. Very High

Answer: C

Question: 61
Which of the following services is related to Super Agents?

A. Framework
B. Application Server
C. Event Parser
D. Tomcat

Answer: A

Question: 62
What utility is used to create a custom VirusScan installation package that contains updated DAT and engine files?

A. Deployment task
B. Manual install
C. Installation Designer
D. MSI Installer

Answer: C

Question: 63
Which of the following options are available when right clicking a file and selecting Scan for threats? Select the two that apply.

A. Clean
B. Delete
C. Continue
D. Prompt for action
E. Continue scanning

Answer: A, C

Question: 64
Which of the following ports need to be open on the Firewall for an Agent Handler to communicate with ePO and database server(s) inside of a network? Select the two that apply.

A. Port 80
B. Port 1433
C. Port 8082
D. Port 8081
E. Port 8445

Answer: A, B

Question: 65
Which of the following are available within the Policy Catalog? Select the three that apply.

A. Share
B. Duplicate
C. Assign
D. View
E. Lock

Answer: A, B, D

Question: 66
When a policy is deleted, all systems for which it is currently applied to will inherit which policy?

A. McAfee Default
B. Parent Group
C. My Default
D. Global Root

Answer: B

Question: 67
An Alien Agent is a system that

A. has not reported back to ePO in the last 30 days.
B. does not have a McAfee Agent installed.
C. has the Agent Component disabled.
D. is reporting to a different ePO Server.

Answer: D

Question: 68
Which of the following is a default permission set?

A. Executive Previewer
B. Site Administrator
C. Site Reviewer
D. Group Reviewer

Answer: D

Question: 69
What file contains the list of disabled event ids?

A. EventFilter.cfg
B. EventFilter.ini
C. Evtfiltr.ini
D. Server.ini

Answer: C

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