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Practice exams in VCE format:File Exam Size Date
CIW ActualTests 1D0-410 v04.25.05 1D0-410 206.93 KB 02-Sep-2006
CIW ActualTests 1D0-425 v01.17.05 1D0-425 118.28 KB 02-Sep-2006
Ciw Actualtests 1D0-437 v10.05.05 1D0-437 21.56 KB 25-Jul-2006
Ciw Actualtests 1D0-441 v10.04.05 1D0-441 111.14 KB 25-Jul-2006
Ciw Actualtests 1D0-442 v10.04.05 1D0-442 50.32 KB 25-Jul-2006
CIW ActualTests 1D0-460 v12.08.04 1D0-460 136.05 KB 02-Sep-2006
CIW ActualTests 1D0-470 v 11 08 2005 by Bruno 144q.vce 1D0-470 328.47 KB 15-Dec-2006
CIW ActualTests 1D0-510 v 11 11 2005 by Bruno 154q.vce 1D0-510 117.92 KB 15-Dec-2006
Ciw Atualtests 1D0-430 v12.14.04 1D0-430 46.95 KB 25-Jul-2006
CIW ExactPapers 1D0-435 by Vembli 220q.vce 1D0-435 156.2 KB 27-Mar-2006
CIW PassGuide 1D0-510 2 31 170q.vce 1D0-510 83.35 KB 21-Aug-2008
CIW PassGuide 1D0-520 v2 29 140q.vce 1D0-520 76.06 KB 21-Aug-2008
CIW PassGuide 1D0-525 v2 73 144q.vce 1D0-525 70.55 KB 21-Aug-2008
Ciw PassGuide 1D0-538 v2 29 112q.vce 1D0-538 5.3 MB 26-Aug-2008
CIW PassGuide 1D0-410 by Ballen.vce 1D0-410 292.36 KB 17-Sep-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-410 v1.2 1D0-410 205.47 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-410 v1.3 1D0-410 208.48 KB 04-Sep-2006
CIW PassGuide 1D0-420 v1.0 1D0-420 148.27 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-420 v1.2 1D0-420 133.76 KB 04-Sep-2006
CIW Passguide 1D0-425 v2.1 1D0-425 111.78 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-425 v2.2 1D0-425 111.22 KB 04-Sep-2006
CIW PassGuide 1D0-435 v1.0 1D0-435 44.9 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-450 v1.0 1D0-450 153.94 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-450 v1.2 1D0-450 150.65 KB 04-Sep-2006
CIW PassGuide 1D0-460 v1.1 1D0-460 183.01 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-470 v2.1 1D0-470 232.07 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-470 v2.2 1D0-470 215.15 KB 04-Sep-2006
Ciw Passguide 1D0-510 v2.0 1D0-510 77.9 KB 25-Jul-2006
CIW PassGuide 1D0-510.vce 1D0-510 80.12 KB 22-Apr-2006
CIW PassGuide 1D0-541 83q.vce 1D0-541 2.69 MB 28-Aug-2008
CIW Trandumper 1D0-410 (foundations) 1D0-410 19.95 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW Trandumper 1D0-410 (foundations2) 1D0-410 8.07 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW Trandumper 1D0-450 (ciw 450) 1D0-450 154.83 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW Trandumper 1D0-460 (CIW ID0-460) 1D0-460 59.65 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW Trandumper 1D0-470 (1D0-470Dump1) 1D0-470 32.25 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW Trandumper 1D0-470 (ciw) 1D0-470 43.55 KB 17-Apr-2005

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Files from PDF Store available for conversion:File Size Date
CIW PassGuide 1D0-538 v2 29 112q.pdf 3.29 MB 08-Sep-2008
CIW PassGuide 1D0-541 83q.pdf 2.47 MB 27-Aug-2008
CIW PassGuide 1D0-510 2 31 170q.pdf 141.11 KB 21-Aug-2008
CIW PassGuide 1D0-520 v2 29 140q.pdf 126.32 KB 21-Aug-2008
CIW PassGuide 1D0-525 v2 73 144q.pdf 122.14 KB 21-Aug-2008
CIW PassGuide 1D0-420 v1.2 81q.pdf 378.77 KB 15-Oct-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-425 v2.2 254q.pdf 352.75 KB 15-Oct-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-435 v1.0 170q.pdf 249.08 KB 15-Oct-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-460 v1.1 99q.pdf 359.74 KB 15-Oct-2005
CIW ActualTests 1D0-410 v04.25.05 175q.pdf 379.2 KB 29-Jul-2005
CIW ActualTests 1D0-470 v07.06.04 136q.pdf 386.56 KB 29-Jul-2005
CIW ActualTests 1D0-425 v01.17.05 264q.pdf 307.3 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW ActualTests 1D0-460 v12.08.04 099q.pdf 236.7 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW ExactPapers 1D0-410 v10 2004 167q.pdf 217.93 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW ExactPapers 1D0-420 v10 2004 81q.pdf 206.19 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW ExactPapers 1D0-430 v10 2004 60q.pdf 134.96 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW ExactPapers 1D0-435 v10 2004 220q.pdf 151.93 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW ExactPapers 1D0-437 v10 2004 50q.pdf 76.85 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW ExactPapers 1D0-450 v10 2004 111q.pdf 177.71 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW ExactPapers 1D0-460 v10 2004 99q.pdf 166.75 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW ExactPapers 1D0-470 v10 2004 136q.pdf 227.24 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-410 v1.3 167q.pdf 436.95 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-450 v1.2 111q.pdf 361.38 KB 17-Apr-2005
CIW PassGuide 1D0-470 v2.2 136q.pdf 465.72 KB 17-Apr-2005

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