Sample Exam 250-308: Administration of Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 for Exchange

Sample Exam 250-308: Administration of Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 for Exchange

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Exam Details
# of Questions = 75 – 85
Duration = 90 minutes (with Borderline survey included)
Passing score = 74%

Answer each question then check the correct answers provided at the bottom of the page.1. Rather than distributing the Enterprise Vault (EV) client through the Group Policy Object, the network administrator wants to distribute the Self Installing client through EV custom forms.

What must be enabled on the client to accomplish this?
a. ActiveX controls
b. Background Intelligent Transfer Services
c. Remote Procedure Call
d. Automatic Updates
2. An administrator must provide a solution to match the company’s current policy regarding users who are ending their employment. Users are initially provisioned using existing departmental Organizational Unit (OU) structure. The administrator creates a Provisioning Group using a distribution group for former employees. The associated mailbox policy archives items at zero days.

What must the administrator do after an employee is added to this structure?
a. synchronize the mailbox Archiving Task, synchronize the Provisioning Task, run the mailbox Archiving Task, then verify that the Provisioning Group has a ranguide order of one
b. verify that the mailbox Archiving Task is running, synchronize the mailbox Archiving Task, verify that the Provisioning Group has a ranguide order of one, then run the Provisioning Task
c. run the Provisioning Task, synchronize the mailbox Archiving Task, verify that the Provisioning Group has a ranguide order of one, then run the mailbox Archiving Task
d. verify that the Provisioning Group has a ranguide order of one, run the Provisioning Task, synchronize the mailbox Archiving Task, then run the mailbox Archiving Task
3. Enterprise Vault introduced enhanced archiving support for which Microsoft Exchange 2007 feature?
a. Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2007
b. Exchange Managed Folders
c. Exchange Management Shell
d. Exchange Dumpster
4. What is the purpose of the Enterprise Vault Directory Service?
a. to provide service access to Vault Stores and Archives
b. to manage indexes of archived data
c. to manage selected items to be restored
d. to provide services access to site configuration information
5. An administrator has configured Exchange Journal archiving. Company policy requires searches to handle top-level messages and attachments as a single item for search term matches.

Which value in IndexServer.exe /Summary verifies this ability?
a. Search Flags
b. Schema Flags
c. Item Sequence Number
d. Index Format
6. An Enterprise Vault (EV) implementation has been running for three years. New Vault Store partitions are created as the old Vault Store partitions become full, which is every 9 months. The retention category is set for two years and Storage Expiry runs regularly.

The open Vault Store partition is now full and there are no additional storage devices available for a new partition.

How should this issue be addressed, with minimal impact on the EV server?
a. set the first Vault Store status to Ready
b. open the first Vault Store partition again
c. set the current Vault Store partition to Ready
d. migrate items older than one year
7. An Enterprise Vault Administrator notices that, within several mailboxes, items are failing to archive overnight and users’ archives are empty. Site schedules are being run long enough for archiving to occur. Users were able to archive items manually within Microsoft Outlook.

What should the administrator do to ensure that items are archived?
a. confirm that the site schedule is outside of hours where Microsoft Exchange is being backed up
b. confirm that the Archiving Task has Report Mode unchecked
c. confirm that the Archiving Task is set to start automatically
d. confirm that “Initially Suspend Archiving” is unchecked in the provisioning group
8. A global organization plans to deploy Enterprise Vault (EV). The organization has a severe limit on the connectivity between two sites. Site A supports seven remote offices and Site B supports five remote offices. A global deployment of EV is unrealistic.

How should the organization design around this obstacle?
a. deploy multiple EV Directories
b. deploy multiple EV sites that share a single directory
c. deploy all EV servers in Site A
d. place the EV Directory database halfway between the sites
9. Which two can interfere with the normal operation of indexing? (Select two.)
a. real-time antivirus scanning of index locations
b. running SQL Server on the same system as the Indexing service
c. incorrectly set SchemaType
d. /3GB switch in boot.ini
e. index location on network share
10. What is needed for an account that is running the PST Locator Task in order to search for PST files?
a. Backup Administrators group access
b. Domain User group access
c. List of PST passwords
d. File and registry access on all computers
11. An administrator testing in a lab notices that nothing is being archived from a specific mailbox. Other mailboxes are being archived regularly.

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According to the Enterprise Vault Administrator’s Guide, what three things should be done to verify the configuration? (Select three.)
a. verify the order of the provisioning groups to ensure that the mailbox is not applied to a higher ranguide provisioning group
b. ensure that the Mailbox Archiving Task for the Exchange Server is running
c. run the EVverify utility to determine which mailboxes are associated with a specific archiving policy
d. verify that the mailbox is included in the Targets tab of the Provisioning Group properties
e. run the Provisioned Users utility to export the mailboxes and policies to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for analysis
12. An organization’s administrator has recovered a failed Enterprise Vault server to new hardware with a new host name.

Which two additional procedures must be performed for a successful recovery? (Select two.)
a. edit the webapp.ini file with the new host name
b. execute a SQL Query Analyzer script to update the computer entry table
c. update the ODBC Connections on the server with the new host name
d. update the registry settings with the new host name
e. update DNS alias with new host name
13. An organization has an Enterprise Vault (EV) server in a datacenter in Site A. They have remote offices in Site B, Site C, and Site D. The WAN connection between Site A and Site D is intermittent at times, which results in Site D users being unable to search or access archived items.

Which EV feature should be used in Site D to help alleviate this situation?
a. install EV Virtual Services
b. employ EV QoS Services
c. enable Vault Cache for the users
d. deploy an Offline Vault Store
14. When granting permissions using adsiedit.msc for Exchange 2007, which two permissions must an administrator grant to the Vault Service account? (Select two.)
a. Local Admin privileges on the Exchange Server
b. Full Control on the server Security tab
c. Send As privileges on the Enterprise Vault system mailbox object
d. View-Only Administrator membership on Exchange
e. Send As privileges on the Enterprise Vault Service Account Mailbox
15. An Enterprise Vault administrator opens the properties of the Mailbox Archiving Task, goes to the Synchronization tab, and clicks the Synchronize button.

What are two results of this action? (Select two.)
a. Folder permissions on the user’s mailbox are set on the corresponding archive.
b. Folder permissions on the user’s archive are set on the corresponding mailbox.
c. Mailbox policy changes are updated to the user’s mailbox.
d. The hidden message in the user’s mailbox is updated.
e. The hidden message is placed in the user’s archive.
16. A company deploys Enterprise Vault (EV) in a building block configuration and plans to set up multiple vault store groups. The company has one domain within which four Exchange servers are located.

To archive from all of these servers, how many Provisioning Tasks must be created?
a. one per EV Server
b. one per Exchange Server
c. one per EV site
d. one per Vault Store Group
e. one per Active Directory domain
17. An organization has a very limited backup window assigned to the Enterprise Vault infrastructure.

Which three best practices should be employed to adhere to this restriction when using a tape backup methodology for bacguide up saveset files? (Select three.)
a. enable collections on a partition that collects files into CAB files to be backed up
b. back up all files older than two years to tape and delete the savesets from disk to reclaim space because they are no longer immediately required
c. migrate files to secondary storage to increase space
d. enable partition rollover
e. when the partition size grows to 250 GB, create a new Vault Store and partition for new archives
18. After an email is archived for 90 days, a company decides to remove shortcuts from users’ mailboxes. Archived email is retained for five years within the archive.

Which three methods provide access to archived email when the shortcut is removed? (Select three.)
a. Search Vaults
b. Outlook search
c. Google desktop
d. Browser search
e. Archive Explorer
19. A large organization wants to replace mail messages with shortcuts after archiving. The organization also wants to configure shortcuts to retain only a portion of the original message.

Which setting allows only a portion of each mail message to be used in the shortcut?
a. Percentage message to include
b. Include message body
c. Message characters to include
d. Maximum character limit
20. The administrator of ACME has been given a small number of PST files that have been exported from another Enterprise Vault (EV) system that needs to be accessible from the ACME EV system.

What is the recommended method of migrating the PST files into EV?
a. Client-Driven PST Migration
b. Locate Migrate PST Migration
c. PST Migration Wizard
d. EVPM Scripted Migration
Answers: 1-a, 2-d, 3-b, 4-d, 5-b, 6-b, 7-b, 8-a, 9-a&d, 10-d, 11-a&b&d, 12-b&e, 13-c, 14-b&c, 15-c&d, 16-e, 17-a&c&d, 18-a&d&e, 19-c, 20-c

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