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http://www.certbible.org/offer-actualtest-vmware-vcp-310-dated-070808QUESTION 1
Which three statements are true about sharing storage capabilites on NFS volumes supported by ESX
server? Select three
A. You can use VMotion
B. You can create VMFS datastore on NFS mounted volumes.
C. You can create virtual machines on NFS mounted volumes.
D. You can boot virtual machines stored on NFS mounted volumes.
E. You can configure ESX Server to boot from NFS mounted volumes.
Answer: ACD
Section: (none)

Which statement is true about VirtualCenter and License Server?
A. VirtualCenter cannot be installed without an operational License Server online.
B. If deploying a License Server is not desirable, VirtualCenter can be installed using a host-based license
C. The License Server must be installed during VirtalCenter installation and must always run on the same
server as VirtualCenter.
D. The License Server may be installed on a separate machine, but VirtualCenter requires a server-based
Answer: D
Section: (none)
Explanation: Per VC User Manual.- VirtualCenter server – Requires one license for each VirtualCenter
Server. VirtualCenter Server licenses are perpetual. A license key is requested the first time VirtualCenter
client connects to the VirtualCenter server, not during installation.
ESX 3.0 Server supports access to ___ LUNs during the initial installation process.
A. 8
B. 16
C. 32
D. 63
E. 64
F. 127
G. 128
H. 255
I. 256
J. 511
K. 512
L. 1024
Answer: G
Section: (none)
Explanation: The Vmware installer only sees the first 128 LUNS. ESX 3 can see 256 after installed.
page 28 Installation and Upgrade Guide
What is the minimum supported hardware requirement to run a VirtualCenter server?
A. 512 MB RAM unless running a database server on the same machine.
B. 2 GHz CPU
C. 150 MB free disk spsace
D. At least one Gigabit Ethernet adapter.
Answer: B
Section: (none)
Explanation: 2 GHz CPU – The only correct answer according to VirtualCenter 2.0 User Manual
page 22 Installation and Upgrade Guide
Which two situations will result in VMware restarting virtual machines? Select Two
A. A guest OS fails.
B. An ESX Server in the cluster becomes isolated from the network.
C. An ESX Server in the cluster is manually powered off.
D. An ESX Server in the cluster is put into Maintenance mode.
Answer: BC
Section: (none)

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Explanation: Per VI# ESX Resource Mgmt Guide – A cluster pools a set of hosts. If DRS is enabled, the
cluster supports shared resource pools and performs placement and dynamic load balancing for virtual
machines. If HA is enabled, the cluster supports failover. When a host fails, all associated virtual machines
are restarted on different hosts.
ESX considers an Isolated host as failed after 14 seconds of receiving no heartbeats. The isolated host
shuts down its VMs so that the other
page 29-30 Resource Management Guide
What is the maximum virtual disk size on a VMFS-3 volume?
A. 250 GB
B. 512 GB
C. 1 TB
D. 2 TB
E. 2.6 TB
F. 3 TB
G. 3.6 TB
H. 4 TB
I. There is no maximum size.
Answer: D
Section: (none)
Configuration Maximums for VMware Infrastructure 3
During the installation of ESX Server, you decide to manually define the portioning scheme.
Which two are recommend minimum partition sizes? Select Two
A. /boot = 512 MB
B. Swap = 544 MB
C. / =2500 MB
D. /usr =2048MB
E. /etc =1500 MB
F. / =2560 MB
Answer: BF
Section: (none)
page 185 Installation and Upgrade Guide
What are three requirements for a VMware HA cluster? Select Three
A. name resolution between all hosts
B. identical type and quantity of CPUs in each host
C. access to shared storage from all hosts
D. access to the virtual machine networks from all hosts
E. Private Gigabit Ethernet network for all hosts.
Answer: ACD
Section: (none)
Explanation: Clusters Enabled for HA For clusters enabled for HA, all virtual machines and their
configuration files must reside on shared storage (typically a SAN), because you must be able to power on
the virtual machine on any host in the cluster. This also means that the hosts must be configured to have
access to the same virtual machine network and to other resources. Each host in an HA cluster must be
able to resolve the host name and IP address of all other hosts in the cluster. To achieve this, you can
either set up DNS on each host (preferred) or fill in the /etc/hosts entries manually (error prone and
You work as an administrator at PassGuide.com. In this scenario the server has not been modified from the
default program.
Given the information shown in the exhibit, which three statements are true? Select Three

How does ESX Server 3.x differ from VMware Server 1.x?
A. ESX Server 3.x supports multiple processors in a virtual machine and VMware Server 1.x does not.
B. ESX Server 3.x supports Intranet and application servers in a production environment and VMware
Server 1.x does not.
C. ESX Server 3.x manages the virtualization server application remotely through a web-based interface
and VMware Server 1.x does not.
D. ESX Server 3.x supports virtual switches with VLAN capabilities and VMware Server 1.x does not.
E. ESX Server 3.x runs on top of Linux and VMware Server 1.x does not.
Answer: D
Section: (none)
Explanation: VMware Server does not support VLAN Not
Not A: VMware Server also supports SMP

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